Omega 3 and Omega 6: Part 1

As you have probably gathered from the previous two posts: I try to keep up to date and write articles about things that people ask me a lot about in everyday conversation that I find myself in. One of the topics that comes up, again and again, is omega fatty acids. There is a lot […]

Sugar and Fibre: Carbohydrates

One question that I seem to get asked again and again is the carb and sugar question. That carbohydrates are our mortal enemy and should be avoided at all costs. This is not strictly true and the true answer to this question can be found by considering a few things… When you say ‘carbs’, I’m […]

Probiotics: Dietary Sources

In each of us, there is a microbiome – a diverse ecosystem of ‘friendly’ bacteria which work alongside each other and our gut. Our predecessors (hunter-gatherers and sustenance farmer humans) may have had far more diverse gut bacteria than us modern humans due to their exposure to soil which housed beneficial bacteria (and much less […]